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Behind The Groove is a Podcast with a difference.  

Controversial and against the mainstream media narrative, KayJay has become a somewhat rather outspoken civil liberties activist, an advocate for independent artists and those working in the creative and entertainment industries, during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

KayJay has seen many colleagues businesses crushed and musicians and artists struggle during these challenging times and has vowed to fight against the lockdowns believing the government restrictions are wholly disproportionate to the risk, and the music industry in particular has been decimated.  It has also brought to light the corruption and lack of transparency in the digital streaming sector, highlighting the lack of fair and equitable remuneration paid out to to songwriters and independent artists.

With these important issues brought to the forefront, with various campaign groups lobbying the Department of Culture, KayJay lends her voice to these causes in the hope of raising awareness, garnering support and creating a more level playing field for those in the creative, event and hospitality industries during these difficult times.








KayJay also believes in supporting and promoting homegrown British talent as much as possible; the lynch pins of the UK music industry, the unsung heroes; the backing singers, musicians, producers, DJ's and creative entrepreneurs working behind the scenes.

In KayJay's experience most of these people don't get an opportunity to talk about their own projects and she wants to help raise awareness of the huge collaborative efforts that go into creating music.  In a business controlled by major labels, so many self-funded, DIY Artist are the ones often overlooked and unrecognised by the mainstream in favour of a conveyor-belt of manufactured music.

Behind The Groove aims to give such talent a platform to share their story, give invaluable insights and advice, so more discerning folk can explore a whole new world of music, entrepreneurship and creativity whilst younger up and coming talent can learn the real deal about life 'behind the groove'... ​

Be prepared to go deep and find out more as KayJay & guests discuss the highs and lows of working in one of the toughest businesses in the world...

There certainly is no business like show business...

Stay tuned.  #BehindTheGroovePod

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If you would like to support the live music sector, and in particular UK musicians and singers, please donate to charity Help Musicians, this will provide much needed funds to support forgotten talent during these difficult times.

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