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Please note all rates are open to negotiation, subject to contract and a holding deposit.  Please enquire for a full quote.


  • Production: ££££ per track

  • Writing / Arranging £££ per 8 hour day plus credits and negotiable points

  • Re-mixing ££££ per track using original stems including free mastering

  • Recording/Engineering:  £££ per 8 hour day (££ per hour thereafter)

  • Musical Direction:  £££ per 8 hour day plus expenses

  • Stem Hard Drive Hire £££ per day (plus fully refundable £££ holding deposit)

  • Keyboard Sessions:  £££ per session (per 4 hour session, ££ per hour thereafter)

  • Vocal Sessions:  £££ per session (per 4 hour session, ££ per hour thereafter)

  • Band Bookings 20% commission per Artist/Band

  • In Harmony Virtual Assistance:  ££ per hour

Please get in touch for more details about any of our other services and a no obligation quote!  

Please use the code WEB01 to claim your 10% discount on your first booking.

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